Sllicon Wafer Reclaiming Service

We are capable of addressing various demands with cutting edge technology.

Processing client's used silicon wafers and reclaim them and make it reusable.We are capable of reclaiming used wafer equivarent to brand new wafer with our technology.

About reclaiming wafers

We are one of the pioneers of the silicon wafer reclaiming since 1972. From the begining , All employees make an effort to enhance quality,technology and customer satisfaction. Our high quality services and products are produced under the state of the art reclaiming and equipment in Nagasaki.

Reclaiming wafer is environmental friendly.

Main material of silicon wafer is silicon which produced from a mineral called silica stone.Especially,silicon that is used for silicon wafer must be high-purity polycrystalline.
In order to preserve limited resources, we care about global environment by doing our business.

Client / Final Inspection / Receiving client's wafers / reclaiming wafer. / Purchase wafers for the purpose of solar

What we do is processing client's used silicon wafers and reclaim them and make them reusable. The quality of processing is equivalent to virgin wafer. In the condition of wafers that are unable to reclaim,we will purchase your unrecycable wafers.

Process of reclaiming wafer.

Film Removal process

Silicon wafers which used for examination are insulating film or metal film are deposited. We are capable of removing film with chemical liquid depending on each film at our facility.

Incoming Inspection

Checking all silicon wafers condition after silicon wafers film removal.Before polishing, we inspect thickness and other characteristics.

Polishing process

At polishing process,we are capable of adjust polishing in micron units. removing scratches and particles from the surface of the wafer.
By doing this process, we make it possible to reclaim wafers high standard.

Cleaning process

After being polished,silicon wafers will be cleaned and particles and metallic impurity are removed.

Inspection process

All silicon wafers will be visual inspected. After that, Conducting measuring by particle counter.