Message from CEO

We keep an eye on the future of business and social, and we keep on creating new value.

We started business as silicon wafers processes company mainly for semiconductor devices.
Since 1965, our corporate mission is 'Passing on the irreplaceable global environment to the next generation in a healthy condition' and it never changes in the future.

We are going to tell you some basic company policies which are important for doing business.

Environmental policy

VALQUA FFT INC. recognizes that "passing on the irreplaceable global environment to the next generation in a healthy condition is the basic responsibility of existing human beings," and is our main business, "Reclaimng silicon wafers." Recognizing that "business" can contribute to reducing the environmental burden in the semiconductor industry, we will promote business development and efficient activities.

Quality Guidelines

We are focusing on three activities. Firstly, customer priority. Secondly, improving customer satisfaction. Thirdly, all employees participating in quality activities.We are consistently improving manufacturing technology and management system.

Corporate culture slogan

"A workplace that is lively and brilliant, rewarding to work, and can continue to grow"
A workplace where all employees are safe, healthy and shining forever.
A well-ventilated and compassionate workplace where both work and private life can be fulfilled.
Realization of a company where all employees can feel growth. "

We foresee the future and deal with social issues and changes in times with all employees.
We really appreciate all of our clients' support and guidance.

President and Representative Director

Shogo Watanabe