Quality Policy

Quality Policy

By having all employees work with an awareness of quality improvement in each role, it will lead to the improvement of technical capabilities and customer satisfaction. In addition, quality includes delivery dates and services to build comprehensive quality management.

Basic policy

  • 1.

    Customer Priority

    In order to satisfy the quality required by customers, we will strive to meet the requirements, improve manufacturing technology and continuously improve the quality management system.

  • 2.

    Improving Customer Satisfaction

    We adress to enhance customer satisfaction and quality at the same time. We would like to react to customer's responce about price and deadline.

  • 3.

    All employees participate in quality enhancement activity.

    We gurantee the quality of the client's demand by each part of the process employee.

VALQUA FFT INC. President and CEO Shogo Watanabe

ISO 9001

The Nagasaki factory has acquired ISO9001:2015. With the acquisition of this ISO9001, we will use it for the foundation of the manufacturing industry and harden the foundation in accordance with quality management, which is the world standard, and we will use it as an index for continuous improvement.